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The application builder is designed to enable entrepreneurs to increase the loyalty of their customers by creating a mobile application for an online store, restaurant or taxi without having any programming or design skills.
The creation of the application is absolutely free, you pay only for the publication of the application in the markets – only $ 50.
If you want to endow the application with functionality that is missing in the constructor modules, you can contact our development team. They can easily add the unique features you need to the application.

Advantages of the Mo-Apps
builder over full-fledged development



It takes only half an hour to create an application in the constructor. All you need to do is choose a template, design, necessary modules, fill it with your products and publish it.



You can build your application in the constructor absolutely free of charge, payment occurs only when the market application is published, since this is a mandatory requirement of Apple and Google. In the future, supporting the application, updating it for new versions of Android and iOS will cost you only $ 50 / month.



In the constructor, you will find all the necessary modules for your online store or restaurant. Among which there is a contact page, catalog, personal account, shopping cart, callback module and much more. A complete list can be found on the page “How to create an application” on the site of the designer.



One of the advantages of our online service for creating mobile applications is also the fact that the application created in it will be available simultaneously for all mobile operating systems. Even if new OS versions are released, we will instantly optimize your application in accordance with the latest OS version.



The functionality of our constructor does not limit you in choosing the language for your application. You can choose any language you need in the language bar.

Service and maintenance

The functionality of our constructor is very extensive, during the creation of the application, you can add to it, everything that is needed for the application of a restaurant or an online store , besides, the interface of our service is intuitive, so you do not have to use the services of third-party developers.

However, if you still want to add something that does not provide the functionality of the constructor, you can simply tell us about it, and our development team will implement any additional functionality.

Our cooperation with the users of the builder does not end with the publication of the application, not at all. Here it is just beginning in full. Our task is to ensure high-quality uninterrupted operation of your application and, if necessary, timely update its functionality depending on your needs and requirements and your customers.

It is important to remember that markets and mobile operating systems are constantly updated, but this does not mean that you will have to make all the changes to the application yourself. Our developers not only ensure the stable operation of your application, but also release updates to it as needed. In addition, if new modules appear in our constructor, you will be the first to know about this and immediately be able to add new features to your application.

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