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Our applications comply with all modern trends and development technologies. They advantageously combine individual design elements with modern functionality. Which the necessary for the successful conduct of a specific type of activity.


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Android Application Development

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IOS Application Development

Main stages of mobile app development

Mobile application development takes place in several sequential stages. Division of tasks for specific specialists allows you to make a high-quality product in a timely manner.



At this stage, we are holding a meeting with the customer, at which our manager will discuss with
him all the details of the project.
We find out the specific wishes of the client and his goals. Then we sign an official agreement in which all the conditions are clearly spelled out
cooperation. After that we begin work on the project .


Business analysis

After agreeing on all details of the future application with the customer, we proceed to
conducting business analysis. At this stage we conduct analysis of the entire
areas of activity of the customer, product and competitors. It’s guaranteed to create
application that can distinguish the activities of our client among similar ones.


Compilation TR

The third stage will include the preparation of a clear technical requirements for the development,
design and functionality of the application, based on all the data obtained during business analysis. Decisions on the design and content of the application are made at this stage. We create an application in
compliance with a clearly defined task.



Sketches are drawn and a clickable prototype of the application is created. It is possible to create several options. At this moment, you can see what the functionality will be in the application and how its screens will be interconnected. We build competently
interface so that it is as convenient as possible for them.



Our UX / UI designers work at this stage. They choose color
palette, fonts, patterns, lists, think over the appearance of buttons and others graphic components of the future application. After that, all these elements communicate with each other, which makes the application the most convenient and attractive to the user.



When we have a finished design, the application moves to the development stage. At this stage we write program code for Android and iOS in modern
programming languages. This allows the application to function.



Testing is an essential element of creating an application at all stages
development. It is carried out in order to make sure that the interaction is correct.
applications with hardware and software platform of mobile devices. This allows
make sure the application is working correctly and will be exactly as planned
at the prototyping.


Publishing and Support

We are preparing the application for
publications upon completion of the main part of development. At this stage, the customer’s account is registered in the AppStore or
Google Play (depending on the platform for which the development was carried out – for iOS
or Android) and analytics connectivity. After that, the application is sent to

What is the advantage of a mobile application for business?


Increased loyalty

It is always more convenient to be able to buy the required product or service than
have to look for it on the Internet.


Sales growth

The mobile application allows you to make a purchase much easier and faster than websites and their mobile versions. It is also an effective tool for providing various bonuses to clients. This encourages users to choose between as a source of purchase of goods or ordering services is the application.


New sales channel

The mobile application is an additional source of traffic from the AppStore. Is not will only allow you to open a new sales channel, but will also attract a new target audience.
Such a solution contributes to a significant increase in the level of recognition of your business, which will have a positive effect on sales.


Business process automation

The mobile application plays an important role in solving many business problems. From his with help you will be able to optimize the processes of management, control, logistics, etc., which will increase the efficiency of business processes. Moreover, such
the application will eliminate the need to attract additional employees or performing one or all of these tasks yourself.


Increasing the reputation

A company is trustworthy when it has its own mobile app. It allows you to stand out noticeably among competitors that do not have their own application.


Communication with clients

The mobile application is the most effective additional communication channel with
the client. Which allows you to stay connected 24/7. Unlike websites, the application
always remains visible to the user when unlocking the device.

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