Comprehensive internet marketing

This concept represents a unique business solution using tools that are individually selected for each specific case and project. In complex marketing, tools are selected not by the fact of their existence, but after the definition of specific tasks and goals. These include SEO, SMM, PPC advertising, web analytics, and content marketing. At the same time, the use of each of these marketing areas separately will not be as effective as integrated Internet marketing.

What does comprehensive internet marketing include?

The main goal of an integrated promotion method is to increase the conversion of site users into potential buyers of goods or users of services. He
is based on the clear interaction of the three most important tools of Internet marketing: SEO, PPC and SMM.

SEO - Website promotion

Comprehensive SEO-promotion ensures the growth of site positions in search engines. This is of great importance, since the first position in the search engine takes 70% of the total traffic of all queries. This allows you to make the site a stable channel for attracting a constant stream of customers. (go to the page with the description of the service).

PPC - contextual advertising

PPC includes setting up contextual, display and trade advertising in Google Ads and Yandex.Direct. Display ads are the fastest way to drive leads to your website. (go to the page with the description of the service).

SMM - Social media marketing

SMM is a set of works aimed at promoting a company, its products and services on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. Each social network has its own audience and content presentation format, which allows it to reach the largest number of users. Thus, the business will be able to conduct a dialogue with its consumer directly and receive feedback in a user-friendly form.

End-to-end analytics

For the effective operation of an advertising campaign, it is necessary not only to qualitatively study competitors, but also to provide the opportunity to obtain detailed analytics on the effectiveness of advertising and promotion. Site visits, conversions, purchases, ROI, ROMI. All this will allow you to track and improve the effectiveness of your marketing investments.

Separate jobs or integrated marketing, what to choose?

By investing in only one specific promotion channel, you not only will not receive
full return, but you also run the risk of wasting your time and money. Only
an integrated approach guarantees the achievement of all set goals, ensuring
a successful result for any business. Business project that made a choice in favor of
integrated promotion, receives the following benefits:

  • formation of a unified image of the company in the eyes of users;
  • optimization of your own budget, eliminating the cost of ineffective channels
  • using the most promising tools for attracting clients – for
    the account of systematic work simultaneously in several directions increases
    target audience coverage;
  • reduced response time to user requests, which improves the level
    service and reputation of the company;
  • determination of the most effective sales channel;
  • high-quality acquisition of target customers and leads with minimal costs and in
    as soon as possible.

Integrated marketing tariffs

The cost of providing comprehensive promotion services is calculated individually
for each specific case. The following factors influence price formation:

  • scale and age of the site – older resources are more trusted
    search engines than new sites (up to 1 year);
  • use of paid services;
  • personal wishes of the customer;
  • speed of execution of all works;
  • the number of leads required by the customer.

Regardless of the final price, we guarantee timely and
high-quality performance of work.

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