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High-quality website development – responsible a process requiring increased attention. To achieve the desired result, well-coordinated actions of the whole team are important, which includes specialists of a narrow focus: front-end and back-end developers, analysts, SMM and SEO specialists, designers, marketers and others. It all depends on the characteristics of a particular resource.

For more than five years, our team has been offering its services for creating, promoting and promoting sites not only in Kiev, but also throughout Ukraine and abroad. Having started our journey in 2015, we have achieved great results in website development, as evidenced by our portfolio. More than ten successfully created projects, which we support to this day. A well-coordinated team of specialists and extensive experience will guarantee the development of websites that generate income for your business, regardless of its type (from a small one-page site to a huge online store).

Website development for business


Turnkey website

Turnkey website – by ordering this service, the client gets ready to work
individual website. In this case, the whole range of work on the development of websites
(market analysis and statistics, design development, layout, programming,
optimization, testing, etc.) is performed by one company, and the customer as a result
receives a “key” – a username and password to manage the site.


Online store

An online store is the best tool for active sales in large volumes.
Such sites usually have an unobtrusive design, selling structure and navigation,
clear interface and corresponding functions necessary for the convenience of buyers.


Landing page

Landing page – represents a selling page, the task of which is
attracting visitors with their conversion into leads and customers. Also landing page
aims to achieve maximum sales of one specific product or service.
It can be a stand-alone site or an addition to the main business project.


Corporate website

Corporate website is a large multi-level project that includes
many sophisticated functions for corporate communication, accounting and convenience. Such a site
contains detailed information about the company. It’s not so much about selling
how much to strengthen the leadership positions of the customer’s business in the market due to expert
submission of their capabilities.


Business card website

Business card site – can be a full-fledged site with several sections,
and a simple one-page option. The main task of a business card site is
providing users with primary information about the company and its activities.


Informational portal

Information portal – created to meet the search queries of buyers in
networks. Most often it is ordered by companies for running their own blogs,
creating thematic forums, publishing news, etc.

Regardless of the type of activity of your business and the site being developed, you can be
confident in the quality of the finished product.

We specialize not only in creating websites in Kiev and abroad, but also in developing
mobile applications. It’s worth noting that having a mobile app will be great
add-on for the site. This combination can significantly increase sales and increase
customer loyalty to your company.

Stages of website development


Meeting and discussion of the project

At this stage, we get to know the client and find out details about his business, as well as
goals and objectives of the future project. It is here that we find out the specific wishes
of the client regarding the functionality and appearance of the future site, discuss all the details, after
we conclude an agreement in which all the conditions of cooperation and obligations are spelled out


Area analysis and strategy development

After agreeing on all the nuances, we proceed to conduct a business analysis of the market. We
conduct a thorough analysis of the entire scope of the customer’s activity, products and
services, target audience, competitors in the market, etc. Based on the data received, we
develop a strategy that allows us to determine the further direction vector
site development: tasks, methods, resources, etc.


Drafting and preparation of technical specifications

All stages of website development with which in the future will be
our specialists work are prescribed in detail here. After drawing up the technical specification, it is provided to the customer for
approval and coordination of details, after which you can proceed to



We pay special attention to this stage, since it is prototyping that allows
eliminate all possible errors, rework the site and eliminate the likelihood
misunderstandings between the customer and the developers. At this stage, it is rendered
future website, giving an idea where certain blocks will be placed.


Site design

The most important stage in creating custom-made websites is design development. Depends on it what the visitor will see when loading the resource. Based on
the prepared TOR, our UX / UI designers take into account the created and approved
earlier prototype.

At this stage, the color palette of the future site is selected, buttons are drawn and
banners, the font and graphic components of the site are selected, making it more
attractive and user-friendly.



Based on HTML5, PHP and JS, our specialists create a working version of the site. On this
stage, the code of the pages is written, the functionality is added. The website gets ready
structure that visitors will see.
At the end of this process, a responsive design is created for correct display.
pages on all devices – PCs, smartphones, tablets.


Filling with text content

This stage is the responsibility of copywriters. Our masters
will create a competent and detailed description of your goods and services, carry out the basic content of the blog, will profitably describe the advantages of your company on the main page and


Release a project

After improvements and successful testing, the finished website is handed
over to the customer with all
logins and passwords. Thanks to competent text content, attractive
the design and subtleties of the technical work of our developers, the site will provide
effective activity of your company on the Internet.

What do you get by ordering website development in Mo-Apps?

Our goal is to create and develop websites that you can be proud of! That’s why,
entrusting the creation of the site to us, you can be sure of a high-quality result.


We do not use “template solutions”, which allows us to get a unique website design,
designed for your type of business. Regardless of the complexity of the order, we strive
create a website in accordance with the personal wishes of the client, thanks to which each of our
the project is individual.

Stable work

A well-made website should work flawlessly. That is why we create
reliable website providing stable performance. Our programmers control
stability of each module of your site, which will protect it from possible

Innovative technologies

In the design process, we use only modern programming languages.
This allows you to get a really high-quality and stable resource for any
browsers and devices.


Thanks to the high professionalism and experience of our specialists, the sites developed
our company, work faster and provide stable work at all
devices: PCs, mobile gadgets and tablet computers.

Website development cost

The cost of creating a website is determined at each stage purely individually. Customer
fills out a brief in which he prescribes all the necessary information about his company, goals
and personal wishes for the site. The final cost of website development is determined
after the approval of the detailed TOR for work on a certain stage. In this case, the customer
receives from us an official check for payment.

Price formation is influenced by:

  • site type;
  • the complexity of the specification;
  • functional features;
  • the need to attract additional specialists (photographers, videographers and others);
  • and other factors.

We are engaged in the creation of sites of any complexity. At the same time, the price always corresponds to the quality.

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